Universal Robot UR5 controlled by Arduino and optical sensors integration.
The purpose of this educational system is to accurately sort objects, travelling on the conveyor belt, according to their height.


Boundary Scan Testing on Student Built PCB.
The goal educational system is to familiarize our students with the principles of the IEEE Std. 1149.1, commonly adopted in industry terminology as Boundary Scan Testing (BST). A Boundary Scan Test is implemented for a test board containing 3 controllers and peripherals. The main focus is the simulation and auto-testing of the communication between two individual control units.


The Rod Picker Project by UPT Team.
The Rod Picker project presents the design, implementation and testing of a prototype machinery destined for cutting, sorting and bundling of harvested Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) crops for planting purposes. The device has been developed by the collaboration of six partners from four different countries (Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Romania).


Cobot Integration in ICT demonstration.
his video presents an application which uses the Teradyne Cobot control interface for running In Circuit Testing operations. The UR10 takes care of pick and place operations.