Ciprian Ovidiu Miron Dughir

Lecturer, Dr.Eng.

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Adress:Room B320, 3rd Floor, Bd. Vasile Parvan, nr. 2, 300223 Timisoara, Romania
Tel: (0040) 256-40-3365
Fax: (0040) 256-40-3365
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Books and Book Chapters
  • Mischie Septimiu, C. Dughir, G.Vasiu, R. Pazsitka, Microcontrolere MSP430. Teorie si aplicatii, Politehnica, Timisoara, ISBN 978-606-554-433-8, 220 pag., 2012
  • Belega Daniel, Dughir Ciprian, Gabriel Gasparesc, Tehnici de masurare, senzori si traductoare, Politehnica, Timisoara, ISBN 978-606-554-085-9, 102 pag., 2010
  • Belega Daniel, Dughir Ciprian, Pazsitka Robert, Circuite Integrate Analogice - Experimentare si simulare, Politehnica, Timisoara, ISBN 978-973-625-639-4, 73 pag., 2008
  • Alimpie Ignea, Traian Jurca, Aldo De Sabata, Ciprian Dughir, Adrian Mihăiuţi, Aspecte privind monitorizarea perturbaţiilor dintr-un site, Waldpress, ISBN ISBN 973-7878-22-1, 100 pag., 2006
  • Alimpie Ignea, Mihaela Lascu, Ciprian Dughir, Cora Iftode, Aspecte ale compatibilitatii electromagnetice in medicina, Waldpress, ISBN 973-8453-65-8, 70 pag., 2005
Scientific Papers
  • A current perspective on the accuracy of incoming solar energy forecasting, Blaga, R (Blaga, Robert); Sabadus, A (Sabadus, Andreea); Stefu, N (Stefu, Nicoleta); Dughir, C (Dughir, Ciprian); Paulescu, M (Paulescu, Marius); Badescu, V (Badescu, Viorel) Source:PROGRESS IN ENERGY AND COMBUSTION SCIENCE Volume:70 Pages:119-144 DOI:10.1016/j.pecs.2018.10.003 Published:JAN 2019 Accession Number:WOS:000452942700005
  • :Automation of a prototype for cutting, sorting and bundling of SRC crops for planting purposes , Nanu, S (Nanu, Sorin); Ionel, R (Ionel, Raul); Dughir, C (Dughir, Ciprian); Ionel, I (Ionel, Ioana) Source:MEASUREMENT Volume:95 Pages:201-209 DOI:10.1016/j.measurement.2016.10.006 Published:JAN 2017 Accession Number:WOS:000390495400022
  • :A Simplified but Accurate UV Index Model Author(s): Paulescu, E (Paulescu, Eugenia); Iman, V (Iman, Vlad); Dughir, C (Dughir, Ciprian); Stefu, N (Stefu, Nicoleta); Paulescu, M (Paulescu, Marius) Edited by: Vizman D; Popescu A Source:TIM17 PHYSICS CONFERENCE Book Series:AIP Conference Proceedings Volume:1916 Article Number:UNSP 040010 DOI: 10.1063/1.5017449 Published:2017 Accession Number:WOS:000423868800029 Conference Title:17th Physics Conference Conference Date:MAY 25-27, 2017 Conference Location:Timisoara, ROMANIA
  • Power wire thickness influence on the multicopters flight time Author(s): Dughir, C (Dughir, Ciprian) Book Group Author(s): IEEE Source:2016 12TH IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS (ISETC'16) Pages:239-242 Published:2016 Accession Number:WOS:000390717800053 Conference Title:12th IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and Telecommunications (ISETC) Conference Date:OCT 27-28, 2016 Conference Location:Timisoara, ROMANIA
  • :Complete Denture Base Assessments using Holograms: Dimensional Alterations after Different Activation Methods Author(s): Dughir, C (Dughir, Ciprian); Popovschi, AM (Popovschi, Ana Maria); Cojocariu, AC (Cojocariu, Andreea Codruta); Topala, FI (Topala, Florin Ionel); Negrutiu, ML (Negrutiu, Meda Lavinia); Sinescu, C (Sinescu, Cosmin); de Sabata, A (de Sabata, Aldo); Duma, VF (Duma, Virgil-Florin) Edited by: Todea DC; Podoleanu AG; Duma VF Source:HIGH-END MEDICINE BASED ON LASER AND BIOTECHNOLOGIES Book Series:Proceedings of SPIE Volume:9670 Article Number:967013 DOI: 10.1117/12.2191886 Published:2016 Accession Number:WOS:000376269100039 Conference Title:5th Congress of the World-Federation-for-Laser-Dentistry / 6th International Conference on Lasers in Medicine Conference Date:MAY 07-09, 2015 Conference Location:Bucharest, ROMANIA
  • :Retractions of the Gingival Margins Evaluated by Holographic Methods Author(s): Sinescu, C (Sinescu, Cosmin); Negrutiu, ML (Negrutiu, Meda Lavinia); Manole, M (Manole, Marius); de Sabata, A (de Sabata, Aldo); Rusu, LC (Rusu, Laura-Cristina); Stratul, S (Stratul, Stefan); Dudea, D (Dudea, Diana); Dughir, C (Dughir, Ciprian); Duma, VF (Duma, Virgil-Florin) Edited by: Hrabovsky M; Sheridan JT; Fimia A Source:HOLOGRAPHY: ADVANCES AND MODERN TRENDS IV Book Series:Proceedings of SPIE Volume:9508 Article Number:95080V DOI: 10.1117/12.2179010 Published:2015 Accession Number:WOS:000357642900028 Conference Title:Conference on Holography - Advances and Modern Trends IV Conference Date:APR 15-16, 2015 Conference Location:Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
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Lectures and Fields of interest
  • Electrical and Electronical Measurements;
  • Computer Network Architecture;
  • Computer programming;
  • Optoelectronics;
  • Electronical and Optoelectronical Devices;
  • Biomedical Electronics;
  • Electrical Network Power Quality Monitoring;
  • Photography;
  • Holography;
  • Drones;
  • Airmodels;